Monday, July 16, 2007

The Reason I Drink Coffee

I had seen Peets Coffee as one of 'Oprah's Favorite Things' a couple of years ago. Griff loves coffee and had recently taken to trying different brands (straying from his regular Folgers), so I decided to get him the sampler pack (6 different kinds) from Peets for Christmas last year. This turned out to be a bigger gift to me than to him, as I instantly fell in love with this coffee. I went from a very occasional coffee drinker to someone who has to have it every morning. And not just any kind, but specifically Peets. I've tried other flavors and they've all been exceptionally good, but my favorite so far has remained the Arabian Mocha Sanani, the very first one I tried. It has such a great flavor and I can't wait to have my cup each morning. I also highly recommend the Sulawesi-Kalosi, which is what we're drinking now.
Unfortunately, there's not a Peets near us, but their mail order has been great and I've managed to get free shipping every time I've ordered so far (sign up for their emails and you get special offers every month or so).

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